Marketing is a contest for your future client's recognition, attention and trust.

The Issue

Marketing is one of the most important functions within modern professional services firms. But many small firms are discovering that the occasional attempt at marketing their businesses using one or two techniques isn't enough to improve their chances of succeeding and growing.


Many professional services businesses don't even have a formal strategic marketing plan because they feel they don't need one. Even in highly competitive markets.

And as for new firms in markets that are open to more regional, national and international competitors, any firm failing to prepare is one that is preparing to fail.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

The Solution

More often than not, people are finding, vetting and contacting professional services firms online. And firms who fail to embrace online marketing strategies, tools and techniques risk becoming invisible, irrelevant or ignored.

TOMA Digital was formed to support small, ambitious service providers who need affordable and proactive expertise that can take advantage of the increasing influence that the Internet has on professional services marketing.

Combined with the most appropriate strategy, today's technologies, tools and techniques can be leveraged to radically change your firm's ability to resonate your firm's brand, to generate leads from untapped market sectors and to win the recognition, attention and trust of future clients.